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Transatlantic Relation Area

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Cultural Transfers Spain – United States

Financing: €25,000

This line of research focuses primarily on the cultural, educational and scientific transfers between Spain and the United States during the twentieth century, along with the evolution of international relations between the two countries. Its areas of analysis attach singular attention to:

– The cultural dimension in the dual role that ranges from public diplomacy of States to the performance of private organizations with transnational vocation present in this area.

– The expansion of thematic and methodological perspectives that have been registered for the last few decades in the study of international relations from a more global and integrated optics.

Its field of work includes:

  • The exchange and training of human capital programs between the two countries, aimed at leaders, university students and teachers, technicians, researchers, military and professionals from various fields. The information and cultural services designed to disseminate the respective schemes of values ​​and world views through various channels (documentary films, radio programs, publications, public access libraries, teaching of English and promoting American Studies, concerts, conferences and exhibitions).
  • networks of different types (political, economic, social, cultural, etc.) that have been created to promote and intensify contacts Hispanic Americans.
  • The mechanisms of collaboration and complementarity established between the US government and private philanthropic foundations that participated in the development of cultural and informative programs such as the Ford Foundation or the American Field Service.
  • The commercial channels and cultural enterprises that took ideas and consumer goods from US suppliers to Spain, with the eventual contribution to an “Americanization” and sociocultural transformation of the receiving society.
  • The combination of actions, public and private, to move the American model (political, cultural, social and economic) to the Spanish society, adaptation or hybridization processes that they gave rise to, their role as agents of a harmonization of the Spanish society with “western” standards.
  • Bilateral relations between the two countries both in regard to the respective foreign policies and their engagement with the international system of various eras.

Through this project, a unit of scientific cooperation was created between the CSIC and the Universidad de Alcalá. Unit associated to R + D + I on the United States and Spain. Culture and international relations, including the Instituto Franklin (UAH) and the Instituto de Historia (CCHS-CSIC). Founded in December 2012, effective for four years.

  1. Definition of objectives and allocation of tasks
  2. Search and analysis of documentation centers in US and Spain
  3. Preparation and publication of results
  • Principal Investigator: Lorenzo Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla, CSIC
  • Principal Investigator: Julio Cañero Serrano, Universidad de Alcalá
  • Rosa Pardo Sanz, UNED
  • Antonio Niño Rodríguez, UCM
  • María Dolores Elizalde Pérez-Grueso, CSIC
  • Pablo León Aguinaga, Centro Universitario de la Defensa
  • Francisco Rodríguez Jiménez, Universidad de Salamanca
  • Oscar J. Martín García, Aarhus University
  • José A. Montero Jiménez, UCM
  • Antonio López Vega, UCM
  • Iván Iglesias Iglesias, Universidad de Valladolid
  • Lorenzo Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla, Ricardo Martín de la Guardia and Rosa Pardo Sanz (eds.), La apertura internacional de España. Entre el franquismo y la democracia, 1953-1986, Madrid, Sílex, 2016 –en prensa.
  • Francisco J. Rodríguez, Lorenzo Delgado and Nicholas J. Cull (eds.), U.S. Public Diplomacy and Democratization in Spain. Selling Democracy? New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
  • Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla, Lorenzo (coord.), Modernización ”made in USA” y su impacto en el ámbito iberoamericano. Monográfico de Historia y Política, 34 (2015) –ya evaluado y aceptado, en prensa.
  • Montero Jiménez, José A. (coord.): España y Estados Unidos (1877-1975). El largo camino hacia la normalización de las relaciones bilaterales. Monográfico de Circunstancia, 27 (2012).  Revista digital.
  • Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla, Lorenzo y León Aguinaga, Pablo (coords.): Americanización y franquismo. Monográfico de Historia del Presente, 17 (2011), pp. 5-70.
  • Para consultar más publicaciones del proyecto, véanse las descargas.
  • Photographic exhibition En la cuerda floja (At loose ends). United States and Spain From Francoism to the transition. Universidad de Alcalá, April 9 to May 15, 2015.
  • International Conference The international opening of Spain. Between Francoism and democracy, 1953-1986. Asociación de Historiadores del Presente, Instituto de Estudios Europeos.
  • Universidad Valladolid, UNED y CSIC, May 2014.
  • International colloquium Circulation of ideas and social models from a transatlantic perspective, 1950-1970. Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CSIC), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Instituto Franklin-UAH.
  • Madrid, November 2012.
  • International Colloquium US Public Diplomacy & Democratization. From Spanish Case to Arab Spring. The Elliott School of International Affairs-George Washington University. Washington DC, November 2011.
  • Film session and round tables Military Bases and Coca Cola. Images of the American dream in Spain. Science Week, Autonomous Community of Madrid.
    Instituto Franklin-UAH, November 2011.

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