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The Artist Esteban Vicente, an Example of Transatlantic Relations in Contemporary Art

3rd Research Plan Innova-USA (2013-2015)

Budget: €7,000

Different mistakes in the biography and work analysis of the artist Esteban Vicente lie on the absence of a full research of his work and life.

The project aims to the following objectives: a thorough study of the life and work of the artist, the development of paintings’ catalog of the painter’s collection amassed by the Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art, and conducting a thorough study of his library, in addition to the preparation of a comprehensive documentary appendix about his life and work.

The material includes the collection of a number of sources: the works themselves and sources with sound (recordings, interviews, etc.), and also oral, written (archival, newspaper libraries and bibliographic) and visual (filmings). Consultation and visits to various libraries, archives, collections and museums spread between Spain and the United States primarily were required to locate them.


Finally, as to the methodology used, this combines different aspects of the artistic and historical studies, such as the biographical reconstruction, formalism, the iconography-iconology and the sociology of art.


Main Researcher (MR): Alfonso Palacio Álvarez, Universidad de Oviedo

Beatriz Alcocer Martínez, Museo Esteban Vicente

Francisca Amado Quiñones, Museo Esteban Vicente

Ana Eugenia Doldán de Cáceres, Museo Esteban Vicente

María Concepción González Chao, Museo Esteban Vicente

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