Camino Real Award The Camino Real Award was introduced in 2012, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute (1987), to recognize the professional work of Spaniards who prominently and exemplary project and enhance the positive image of Spain in the United States. Read more >
Spanish Migration to the United States, 1880-1940 The main objective of this project is to study the Spanish migration to the United States between 1880 and 1940 from the exploitation of the microdata from the United States censuses carried out between these dates. This data has recently been digitalized and harmonized by the University of Minnesota. Read More >
Francisco Sáez de Adana, nuevo director del Instituto Franklin-UAH En las elecciones celebradas el pasado jueves 25 de abril de 2019, el Consejo Académico del Instituto Franklin-UAH eligió por unanimidad al Dr. Francisco Sáez de Adana Herrero, catedrático del Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación de la Universidad de Alcalá, como nuevo director del Instituto Franklin-UAH. Leer más >

Annual Research Plan

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Margaret Fuller Scholarship

Plan Innova-USA

As part of its annual research plan, the Instituto Franklin-UAH collaborates with the Association of Anglo-American Studies (AEDEAN) to grant a scholarship of € 1,600 for a research stay in the Instituto Franklin-UAH.


  • The field of study of the research will be American Studies or it shall include the relationship with America.
  • The candidate must be a full member of AEDEAN at the time of applying.
  • The enjoyment of this scholarship is incompatible with any other aid financed by public or private funds.


  • It will be a 15 days stay in July or September.
  • The endowment will amount to € 1,600 for accommodation, transport, food, office supplies, computer equipment and books from the specific bibliography proposed by the applicant.
  • The books will be part of the collection of the Institute but will be available to anyone who has been granted the aid at the time of enjoying it. Books shall be ordered at least four months before the stay.
  • An adequate space for the study will be provided on the premises of the Instituto Franklin-UAH.

Call 2020


Selection process

The selection will be made by a Committee elected for that purpose by the Management Board of AEDEAN and the Instituto Franklin-UAH.

The name of the beneficiary shall be announced at the closing dinner of the conference (November each year) and published in the neks@s-AEDEAN and on this page.


Esperanza Cerdá, Deputy Director of the Instituto Franklin-UAH


Current edition

2020. Miriam Borham Puyal. “Reclaming the Mother: Indigenous Stories of Creation, Identity and Resistance”

Previous editions

  • 2019. Elena Errico. “Traducir el barrio: las dos versiones en inglés de Caras viejas y Vino nuevo de A.Morales”
  • 2018. Coral Pereda Serras. “The Female Body as a Receptacle of the Trauma of Displaced Identity in 21st Media Arts”
  • 2017. José Antonio Sánchez Fajardo. “The Hispanization of Miami-based English: A Study on Lexical Influence”
  • 2016. Martyna Bryla. “Tracking the Transnational Trickster: A Critical Analysis of Gary Shteyngart’s Protagonist”
  • 2015. Alexandra Álvaro Cortés. “Between Public and Private Spheres: Afro-Descendant Population in Louisiana and Florida in Spanish Times”
  • 2014. Noelia Gregorio Fernández. “Troublemaking Chicano Cinema: Intertextuality of Anglo-Chicano identity in the films of Robert Rodríguez”
  • 2013. Manuel Herrero Puertas. “Freak Bodies Politic: Disability, Innocence and National Allegory in Charles Stratton’s Career”
  • 2012. Patricia Álvarez. “Comparative analysis of the play The Philadelphia Story, adaptations of The Philadelphia Story, and High Society (1956)”
  • 2011. Marta Fernández. “Female Disease and “Performativity”. The Role of Theater in the Movement for the Health of Women in the United States (1969-2009)”
  • 2010. Lucia Currás. “Family Dysfunction in American Films and Television in the Last Decades”
  • 2009. Diana Villanueva. “Anthology of American Literature of Nature”.

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