Camino Real Award The Camino Real Award was introduced in 2012, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute (1987), to recognize the professional work of Spaniards who prominently and exemplary project and enhance the positive image of Spain in the United States. Read more >
Spanish Migration to the United States, 1880-1940 The main objective of this project is to study the Spanish migration to the United States between 1880 and 1940 from the exploitation of the microdata from the United States censuses carried out between these dates. This data has recently been digitalized and harmonized by the University of Minnesota. Read More >
Francisco Sáez de Adana, nuevo director del Instituto Franklin-UAH En las elecciones celebradas el pasado jueves 25 de abril de 2019, el Consejo Académico del Instituto Franklin-UAH eligió por unanimidad al Dr. Francisco Sáez de Adana Herrero, catedrático del Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación de la Universidad de Alcalá, como nuevo director del Instituto Franklin-UAH. Leer más >

Annual Research Plan

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Benjamin Franklin Scholarship

Due to the COVID-19 situation Benjamin Franklin Travel grant 2020 had been cancelled.


The Benjamin Franklin Scholarships help contribute to the trip and research stay in the US under the American Studies framework and in accordance with the following objectives:

  1. To cooperate in the internationalization of the UAH
  2. To encourage the academic training of UAH researchers in the United States
  3. To train new Doctors in American Studies
  4. To establish contact with American universities and institutions
  5. To start creating the figure of the “Franklin Researcher”

These scholarships address to UAH professors and students of the PhD Program in American Studies of the Instituto Franklin-UAH.

Call 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation Benjamin Franklin Travel grant 2020 had been cancelled.


Carlos Herrero Martínez. Research, PhD and Master Coordinator

Previous Editions

  • 2019 Edition. 2 students of the PhD Program in American Studies:
    • Daniel Bustillo Hurtado. Project: “Las relaciones de Diego de Gardoqui con los EE.UU. y el “American Southwest”. Destination: McNeil Center for Early American Studies de la University of Pennsylvania.
    • Marcos Todeschini. Project: “Dispatches from the old man overseas: Ernest Hemingway´s journalism” Destination: University of Washington.
  • 2016 Edition. 2 students of the PhD Program in American Studies:.
    • Noelia Gregorio Fernández. Project: “The Rebel of Chicano Cinema: El cine de Robert Rodríguez”. Destination: Columbia University;
    • Daniel Ureña Uceda. Project: “The Use of Spanish Language in the US Presidential Campaigns: 2016 Case Study”. Destination: the International Republican Institute (IRI).
  • 2015 Edition. Student of the PhD Program in American Studies. Paloma Villamil Agraso. Project: “Ecofeminist Spiritualities in Science Fiction”. Destination: University of Central Florida
  • 2014 Edition (period of tenure in 2014). Prof. José Santiago Fernández Vázquez. Destination: University of California, Santa Bárbara. Project: “Contemporary rewrites the myth of Orpheus in postcolonial literature”
  • 2013 Edition (period of tenure in 2014). Prof. Francisco Manuel Saez de Adana Herrero. Destination: University of Ohio. Project: “The reflection of American society and the Spanish Civil War through Milton Caniff”
  • 2012 Edition (period of tenure in 2013). Prof. Luis Mancha. Destination: University of California, Irvine. Project: “Ethnography and literature: representation of Mexican culture in the work of Alejandro Morales”
  • 2011 Edition (period of tenure in 2012). Prof. José Ignacio Ruiz Rodríguez. Destination: Hispanic Society of America (New York, United States). Project: “Hispanic-American History through the Funds of the Hispanic Society of America”
  • 2010 Edition (period of tenure in 2011). Prof. Santiago Ropero Salinas. Destination: Mount Sinai Hospital (New York, United States). Project: “DNA methylation as a new tool in the search for new biomarkers in schizophrenia”
  • 2009 Edition (period of tenure in 2010). Prof. Björn Arp. Destination: American University & Washington College of Law, Washington D.C. Project: “Application of International Human Rights Law by international financial institutions”

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