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Annual Research Plan

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Annual Research Plan

cabecera Investigación

The Plan Innova USA is the annual research plan of the Instituto Franklin-UAH, comprising the distribution of resources for research, that is, financial funds (support, projects, publishing and printing of publications, and organizing scientific meetings), allocation of personnel and event planning.

Among the actions included in this plan, we can find the following:

Precdoctoral research contract (FPI): a four year contract aimed at those interested in conducting their doctoral thesis and working on tasks related to research on American Studies on a full-time basis.

Research projects: financial allocation of research projects to individual researchers and / or research groups.

Support to researchers with other associations: financial support to conduct a research stay at the Instituto Franklin-UAH. We have the Margaret Fuller Scholarship (granted together with AEDEAN) and the Washington Irving Scholarship (granted together with SAAS).

The Benjamin Franklin Scholarship for doctoral students of American Studies: the objective of these funds is for students of the PhD Program in American Studies to conduct a research stay in the United States and help them obtain an International PhD.

Publications: each year, funds are allocated for the publication of 3-5 books in the Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin collection. Manuscripts are evaluated externally in order to ensure the scientific quality of the work. These are monographic research, dissertations and publications that include several articles by different authors.

Events: as part of the research dissemination, free access conferences, seminars and lectures are organized. You can check the calendar or receive the weekly newsletter that includes upcoming events.

Visiting scholars: opportunity for a research stay in the Instituto Franklin-UAH with access to the library collections of the Universidad de Alcalá.

Financial funds for research:

– 1st Plan Innova USA (2010): € 100,000 for research projects, € 10,400 to support for young researchers.
– 2nd Plan Innova USA (2011): €150,000 for research projects, € 10,400 to support for young researchers.
– 3rd Plan Innova USA (2012): € 63,000 for research projects, € 10,400 to support for young researchers.
– 4th Plan Innova USA (2014): € 35,000 for research projects, € 10,400 to support for young researchers.
– 5th Plan Innova USA (2015): € 60,000 for hiring a predoc researcher, € 5,700 for funding young researchers’ works.


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