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Shining Signs of the Day. Spaces and Senses in Transatlantic Culture


The editors of Shining Signs of the Day. Spaces and Senses in Transatlantic Culture are Bronislava Greskovicova-Chang, Carlos Varón González, David Yagüe González, and Ana Yáñez Rodríguez.


  • Transatlantic Trajectories of Hispanic Poetry – Julio Ortega
  • Speaking Visions: Transatlantic Representations of Ariadne and the Minotaur in Catullus and Borges – Flora Iff-Noël
  • Hearing and Seeing in Early Modern English Poetics – Rocío G. Sumillera
  • Transatlantic Affect: From Arthur Schopenhauer’s Irrational Will to Macedonio Fernández’s Pure “Passion” – Juan Torbidoni
  • “just a bleeding edge”: Sensuous Geographics and the Impact of Space in Medical Accounts of the First World War – Marie Allitt
  • The Myopic City: Sense and Senselessness in Poeta en Nueva York – Christopher Eldrett
  • The Weights of Things, or Writing the World in Love – Jessica Eileen Jones
  • Hispanic Poetry and Imaginary Exiles – Carlos Varón González
  • Bodies and Minds between Dystopian Senses and Spaces – Elisabetta Di Minico
  • Sensorial Urbanism and the Making of Soundscapes: An Exploration of Sonorous Space through Skateboarding in the City – Francisco Vivoni

The Transatlantic Literatures Study Group al the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard comprises humanities scholars from Spain and across the Unites States working on issues concerning the history and politics of the transatlantic circulation of cultural agents, objects, texts, and ideas.

This volume collects essays on how the representation of and engagement with the senses have affected all media and their psychological, physical, and aesthetic impact on social spaces. Deploying insights from literary criticism, philosphy, film and media studies, they cover objects from steamboats to skateboard, texts from Catallus to V for Vendetta, and they rethink the cultural geography of the Atlantic.

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