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Spanish Migration to the United States, 1880-1940 The main objective of this project is to study the Spanish migration to the United States between 1880 and 1940 from the exploitation of the microdata from the United States censuses carried out between these dates. This data has recently been digitalized and harmonized by the University of Minnesota. Read More >
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España y la Guerra Civil Americana o la globalización del contrarrevolucionismo - 15,00


España y la Guerra Civil Americana o la globalización del contrarrevolucionismo


Raúl C. Cancio (Madrid, 1970). Doctor of Law of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, he has been a member of the Body of Lawyers of the Supreme Court since 2003 and is a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation since 2013. He is also member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Aranzadi Doctrinal, analyst of the Jurisprudential Team of Analysis of the Judiciary Documentation Center of the General Council of the Judiciary, Court Reporter of Jurisprudence of the Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union. He has published sixteen books and almost two hundred articles in a variety of journals. Regarding his teaching, he participates in the Practicum of the Faculty of Legal Science of the Universidad Carlos III, is member of the expert panel of the Peace, Security and Defense Chair at the Universidad de Zaragoza and frequent lecturer in the courses of the Center of Legal Studies of the Justice Administration.

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Which were the powerful reasons that pushed hundreds of thousands of European, including, hundreds of Spanish citizens to join the warring factions of the American Civil War? The answer, over 150 years since the surrender at Appomattox, admits no simplifications. Facts such as European migration during the 19th Century, the American Civil War within the sociopolitical context of Spain in 1861, and the international counterrevolution which reigned in the 19th Century, form the cognitive outline which permit a systemic approach to understanding an important episode of the antiliberalism and revolution rampant in the 19th Century through the study of the presence of Spanish volunteers both in specific military units as well as in the most important battles of this conflict.

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