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9th International Conference on Transatlantic Studies

Uprooted-Refugees/Migrants/The Displaced: An International Multidisciplinary Conference

Warrensburg, Missouri, USA. October 10-12, 2016

Various conflicts throughout the world have led to various crises as refugee and displaced persons place demands on resources.  Societies and cultures are seen as vulnerable resulting in demands for greater security despite the critical humanitarian needs.  These crises continue to strain international and domestic politics.  The crises scattered throughout the world likely involve a symmetry of experiences and responses.  Many features might be in common, many are likely unique.

This international multidisciplinary conference seeks to explore the diverse aspects of these intertwined issues, including definitions of terms, national and private level responses, social justice issues, impacted intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and international relations concerns.  The event will serve as a forum to allow participants to learn by comparison and through international dialog of these crises in international social justice.

The University of Central Missouri Department of Criminal Justice and Government, International Studies, and Languages, and Sociology in partnership with the Instituto Franklin Universidad de Alcala, and the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies & Scholarship invite papers on issues related to any aspect of Refugees/Migrants/The Displaced.  Papers are expected from a variety of disciplines including but not limited to: criminal justice, disaster management, history, journalism & media studies, legal/justice studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, safety sciences, sociology, and international relations.  Comparative or international perspectives on these issues are encouraged.


The Conference organizers see a variety of topic areas that underlie the broad themes of current social justice crises involving Refugees/Migrants/The Displaced:

  • Public health
  • Homeland security
  • Refugee resettlement
  • Immigration enforcement
  • Human trafficking,
  • Juvenile migrants
  • Women’s issues (violence, family impacts, etc)
  • Terrorism
  • Challenges to law enforcement/corrections
  • International coordination/partnerships
  • Border communities (effects of, response to)
  • Drugs (smuggling, abuse, trafficking)
  • Political context (public opinion, media studies, electoral issues)
  • Migration to areas in central US (Migration to the Midwest and plains states, suburbanization of migration/immigration)
  • Historical responses to mass migration
  • Asylum
  • Conflicts that lead to these crises
  • Impact of Climate Change

Send a proposal of your presentation by September 10, 2016.

Updated information, including registration details and invited conference plenary session speakers, are available on the website:

A poster session is an available option for making a visual display of research and interacting with an audience.

Post-conference publication opportunities will be sought for selected, presented papers.

  • Center for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarships
  • University of Central Missouri
  • Instituto Franklin-UAH

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