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Teach & Learn in Spain

Instituto Franklin > Academics > Teach & Learn in Spain > Teach & Learn application form – 2020/2021

Teach & Learn application form – 2020/2021

Please read the APPLICATION INFORMATION below before beginning your application.

- Review the description of the required documents before starting your application. The information you enter in the online Application Form is subject to verification. Make sure that all the information provided in the application is accurate.

- Make sure you have a scanned PDF copy of all your Application Documents ready to upload. If a document consists of several pages, please scan it in a single PDF format file. Please save files as LastName, FirstName NameOfDocument (ex: Smith, Jessica Passport).

- When uploading files to your application, make sure that the documents are legible and no larger than 2 MB. If you have any issues with uploading documents, please attach a smaller file to all document upload areas and then send your files via email as attachments or through a secure file sharing website such as WeTransfer.

- Be sure that your full name appears in all documents as it appears in your passport (last name, name and middle name). If there is inconsistency in names across documentation for the same person, additional documentation may be required.

- Please note that this program will give you the right to apply for (or renew) a student visa in Spain, and does not grant you the right to work in Spain/the EU. Additional documentation will be required by your Spanish Consulate to be granted a student visa, should that apply to you.

IMPORTANT! Current Language Assistants (Auxiliares de Conversación) in public schools in Madrid, please email BEFORE applying if you are selecting Option B to confirm eligibility.

Deadline to apply: 20th of February, 2020.

All spaces marked with * are required


*Last Name(s), as they appear on your passport

*First name(s), as they appear on your passport

Middle name(s), as they appear on your passport

*Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

*Gender, as it appears on your passport

*Phone number (with country code)

*Passport number (NOTE: Non-EU applicant passports must be valid through December 30th, 2021)


Other nationality (if applicable)

*Email Address (Enter an email address that you will still have access to until at least October 2021. We suggest not using an .edu email address)

Place of birth:




Current address:





*Undergraduate university attended

*Dates of attendance for undergraduate degree
Attended from: (dd/mm/yyyy format)*
to: (dd/mm/yyyy format)*

I have not yet completed my undergraduate studies

*Degree earned
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine ArtsBachelor of Science



*GPA (4-point scale – if you need assistance converting your GPA to this scale, please email for assistance)

I earned the entirety of my undergraduate degree outside the USA

Please give the contact information of two references who have agreed to give you a reference. We will send out the reference form to them via email once your application has been submitted.

*Reference Name 1 (Last name, First name)

*Honorific or job title (Dr., Mr., Mrs, Ms, principal, director, etc.)

*Institution or place of employment

*Email address

*Reference Name 2 (Last name, First name)

*Honorific or job title (Dr., Mr., Mrs, Ms, principal, director, etc.)

*Institution or place of employment

*Email address


*Select your choice of Master’s Program:

Emergency contact:

*Name of Emergency Contact

*Relationship of Emergency Contact to you

*Email of Emergency Contact

*Phone number of Emergency Contact

Instituto Franklin-UAH Study Abroad experience
*Did you attend or are you attending the Study Abroad Program at Instituto Franklin UAH. (Yes/No)
If yes, please specify the year:

Experience as language assistant in Spain

*Are you currently a language assistant (Auxiliar de Conversación) in Spain?
If yes, which program are you here with?

If other, please specify

City in Spain where you currently work as a Language Assistant

Name of school(s) you work at as a Language Assistant

How many years have you worked as a Language Assistant (including this year)?

*Have you ever been part of any program as a language assistant in Spain (Auxiliar de Conversación) in the past?
If yes, what Program?

If other, please specify

City in Spain where you worked as a Language Assistant

Name of school(s) you worked at as a Language Assistant

Attended from: (dd/mm/yyyy format)*

to: (dd/mm/yyyy format)*

Other teaching experience

*Do you have any teaching experience (other than as a Language Assistant in Spain)?

If yes, please list the most recent:
City, State/Province and Country

Position held

*Please mark the age(s) you are interested in having your school placement with. Note that we do our best to match applicants with the age group they prefer but we cannot make any guarantees about school placements:
Infantil (Nursery school – children 2 to 5 years old)Colegio (Primary school – children 5 to 11 years old)Instituto (Secondary school – children 11 to 18 years old)


Please choose*:

Funding options
In this program, we offer three different funding options for students. Please select the funding option you are most interested in applying for.

Note that the application for scholarships via Option A will be sent out to students as a separate process. This application includes a video and information about working with students.

Students who apply for but are not selected for the scholarship will be offered an Option B funding plan.

If applicable, select one of the following:

Please check this box if you are unable to receive Option B funding (for students who are currently in their third consecutive year as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Madrid, or who cannot renew at their public school for another reason.

Do you have any special needs (learning or physical disabilities, medical conditions, etc.) that you want Instituto Franklin-UAH to be aware of? Please note that the presence of special needs or requests for accommodation will not be used in the admissions decision.

If yes, please explain:


Please use the space below to include any additional information that is not covered on this form or in your résumé/CV that you would like us to consider when reviewing your application (500 word limit).

Please choose an option:

Please specify (list name(s), if possible)

Please attach the following documents to your application:

* Scanned PDF copy of BA DIPLOMA (if you have not yet graduated, you MUST provide a letter from your university registrar confirming your enrollment and stating your anticipated graduation date. Please note that holding an undergraduate diploma is a prerequisite for the Teach & Learn in Spain program.) with the file name LastName, FirstName Diploma (or LastName, FirstName letter of enrollment).

* Scanned PDF copy of UNOFFICIAL UNDERGRADUATE TRANSCRIPTS with the file name LastName, FirstName Unofficial Transcripts

* Scanned PDF copy PASSPORT with the file name LastName, FirstName Passport


*Scanned PDF copy of STATEMENT OF INTENT/PERSONAL ESSAY with the file name LastName, FirstName Essay
Please write an essay of at least 750 words in response to the following prompt:
Why do you hope to attend graduate school with the Teach & Learn in Spain program? Explain how you expect graduate school will contribute to your career goals. What do you plan to do with your degree?

*an ID-style photo of yourself (no more than 240x200 pixels, on a light-colored background) with the file name LastName, FirstName Photo

*Scanned PDF copy of RESUME (CV) with the file name LastName, FirstName Resume

PayPal Transaction ID * Pay
(The non-refundable Application Fee is 100€ and must be paid as part of the Application.
Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. You can pay with your credit card.)

I affirm the accuracy of this completed application

I acknowledge that my application will be considered incomplete until my references are submitted and an interview has been completed.

I understand that the information sent to Instituto Franklin-UAH is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will not be shared with any third party without my explicit consent.

I consent to receiving emails and mail from Instituto Franklin-UAH in regards to my acceptance status into the Teach & Learn in Spain program.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent in two waves: those who apply before December 11th, 2019 will be notified starting the week of January 13th, 2020. Those who apply on or after December 11th, 2019 will be notified starting the week of March 9th, 2020.

The personal data collected will be processed by the UAH with the aim of managing the academic records of their students and give them access to the derived university services, as well as for statistical purposes. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data lies on the execution of their pre-registration and/or registration and on the legal obligation of the University in educational matters. These data will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties except when legally authorized and will be held only for as long as it is necessary for the implementation of the tasks described and for the compliance of legal obligations. The entity responsible for the data processing is the General Secretary of the University of Alcalá, before whom you can exercise your rights by sending a letter addressed to the Data Protection Officer (Colegio de San Ildefonso, Plaza de San Diego, s/n. 28801 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid) or sending an email (, attaching a copy of the DNI or equivalent. In case of conflict, you will be able to ask for redress before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. For more detailed information you can consult the University’s Privacy Policy