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Study Abroad in Spain

Mode of study On campus:
From Monday to Thrusday
Duration and credits Semester Program - 12 US credits
Summer Program - 6 to 12 US credits
Dates September-December
Intensive: June
Intensive: July
Location Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Language of instruction Spanish and/or English

General Description

The Study Abroad in Spain program was established in 1987 in order to promote academic collaboration between Spain and the US through specialized educational programs.

The Study Abroad in Spain program is specifically designed for international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in Spain.  Our Semester Program runs during the Fall and Spring semesters and students can take up to four courses completing a total of 12 U.S. Undergraduate Credits.

Our Summer Program runs in June and July. Students may decide the length of their stay in this case. In the event of participating in a one-month intensive program (June or July), students may take 2 subjects (6 U.S. credits). If the student wiahes to enroll in both periods (June and July), they may complete up to 4 courses (12 U.S. credits).

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Some of the institutions that participate in our programs are:

Auburn University

Butler University


Clarion University

Colorado State University

Columbia College

Curry College

Hampden-Sydney College

Illinois State University

Long Island University

Rider University

Slippery Rock University

Southern Illinois University

St. Mary’s University

State University of New York

Stony Brook University

The College of New Jersey

The University of Alabama

The University of Arizona

The University of Oklahoma

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

University of Calgary (CAN)

University of Central Florida

University of Central Missouri

University of North Florida

University of Pittsburgh

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Villanova University

Whittier College

Why study at Instituto Franklin-UAH?

  • More than 28 years of experience teaching international students.
  • The academic excellence of our academic offering.
  • Comprehensive immersion experience for our students to maximize their personal and intercultural development.
  • Universidad de Alcalá is one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in Spain, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998.
  • It is conveniently located near Madrid, one of the great capitals of Europe.
  • Our privileged location (15 miles from Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport) allows easy travel both within Spain and around Europe
  • Instituto Franklin-UAH offers an Orientation Session before the program begins, in order to provide students with practical, cultural and academic information to create a smooth transition within a new culture and city.
  • The Orientation Session provides incoming students with useful and practical information about the Universidad de Alcalá in general and Instituto Franklin-UAH in particular.  It also covers relevant features of the program including academic information, course registration, medical insurance, accommodation, public transportation and cultural and practical information that introduce students to the different aspects of Spanish culture.
  • Students are also required to take an online language placement test before the beginning of the program.
  • The orientation includes two guided tours; one that covers the city of Alcalá de Henares and the University, and one that offers a walking tour around the historical center of Madrid, allowing students to experience the transportation system between Alcalá de Henares and Madrid in a facilitated group environment.

Instituto Franklin-UAH offers a variety of support services in order to facilitate the stay of visiting students and Program Directors.

  • Undergraduate Students Advisor: Direct Enrollment Students can seek the assistance of our local Undergraduate Student Advisor, Antonio Fernández.  He is responsible for providing support, assistance and advice to students at all times.
  • Airport Pick-up: Instituto Franklin-UAH offers an airport pick-up service for the students on the dates and times scheduled. Further information contact with

The majority of our students live with host familiesin Alcalá de Henares. Host families are carefully selected and supervised. A large number of the families selected have extensive experience hosting our students. While living with a host famility students are given access to three meals a day, laundry and weekly cleaning. Host families are also required to provide internet access and desks for all students within their home.

It is mandatory for all students to get the health insurance offered by Universidad de Alcalá in order to participate in the program.

In order to facilitate the stay of students with specific health conditions, we recommend students with special medical conditions to contact the Undergraduate Student Advisor: Antonio Fernández.

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