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Spanish Migration to the United States, 1880-1940 The main objective of this project is to study the Spanish migration to the United States between 1880 and 1940 from the exploitation of the microdata from the United States censuses carried out between these dates. This data has recently been digitalized and harmonized by the University of Minnesota. Read More >
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Study Abroad in Spain

Mode of study On campus:
From Monday to Thrusday
Duration and credits Semester Program - 12 US credits
Summer Program - 6 to 12 US credits
Dates September-December
Intensive: June
Intensive: July
Location Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Language of instruction Spanish and/or English

Academic Calendar


  • Wednesday, September 4th: Date of arrival.
  • Thursday, September 5th and Friday 6th: Orientation Sessions.
  • Monday, September 9th: Classes begin.
  • Friday, September 27th: Excursion to Manzanares el Real and El Escorial.
  • Wednesday, October 9th: Cervantes’ Day (Local holiday. The building will be closed).
  • Tuesday, October 22nd and Wednesday, October 23rd: Mid-term exams.
  • Wednesday, October 23rd: Visit to El Museo del Prado.
  • Friday, October 25th: Excursion to Toledo.
  • Friday, November 1st: All Saints’ Day (National holiday. The building will be closed).
  • Friday, November 8th: Excursion to Segovia
  • Wednesday, November 27th: Visit to Museo Reina Sofía.
  • Friday, December 6th: Constitution Day (National holiday. The building will be closed).
  • Thursday, December 12th: Closing Ceremony.
  • Wednesday, December 18th and Thursday 19th: Final exams.
  • Friday, December 20th: Date of departure.


  • Wednesday, January 8th. Date of arrival.
  • Thursday, January 9th and Friday 10th. Orientation Sessions.
  • Monday, January 13th. Classes begin.
  • Tuesday, February 25th and Wednesday 26th. Mid-term exams
  • Friday, April 3rd to Monday, April 13th. Easter Holiday. (both included)
  • Thursday, April 23rd. Closing Ceremony.
  • Thursday, April 23rd. Last day of classes.
  • Monday, April 27th and Tuesday 28th. Final exams.
  • Wednesday, April 29th. Date of departure.


  • Monday 1st. Arrival date.
  • Tuesday 2nd. Orientation Sessions.
  • Wednesday 3rd. Classes begin.
  • Friday 5th. Tour of Madrid.
  • Wednesday 17th. Mid-term exams.
  • Wednesday 17th. Visit to the Prado Museum
  • Friday 19th. Visit to the city of Toledo
  • Thursday 25th.  Last day of class.
  • Monday 29th. Final exams.
  • Tuesday 30th. Departure date.
  • Wednesday 1st.  Arrival date.
  • Thursday 2nd. Orientation Sessions.
  • Friday, July 3rd. Tour of Madrid.
  • Monday 6th. Classes begin.
  • Tuesday 14th. Mid-term exams.
  • Wednesday 15th. Visit to the Reina Sofía Museum
  • Friday 17th. Visit to the city of Segovia
  • Tuesday 28th. Last day of class.
  • Wednesday 29th. Final exams.
  • Thursday 30th. Departure date.


  • Wednesday, September 2th: Date of arrival.
  • Thursday, September 3rd and Friday 4th: Orientation Sessions.
  • Monday, September 7th: Classes begin.
  • Friday, October 9th: Cervantes’ Day. (Local holiday. The building will be closed).
  • Monday, October 12th. Celebration of Hispanity Day. National holiday. The building will be closed)
  • Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th Mid-term exams.
  • Tuesday, December 8th. Immaculate Conception Day. (National holiday. The building will be closed).
  • Thursday, December 10th: Closing Ceremony.
  • Wednesday, December 16th and Thursday 17th: Final exams.
  • Friday, December 18th Date of departure.

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