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About us


Student profile: Undergraduate students of the Universidad de Alcalá

Requirements: high level of English (at least B2) knowledge of Office Internship: Academic year 2015/2016

January 12 to May Application period: November 10 to December 10
Duration: 350 hours with possibility of extension.
Remuneration: None.
Hours: flexibility in the number and distribution of hours.
Venue: Instituto Franklin de la Universidad de Alcalá. Colegio de Trinitarios. C/ Trinidad, 1. 28801 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

The following positions are offered:

Study Abroad Program. The students will assist in the administration and management of academic programs at Instituto Franklin. Filing documents, photocopying, preparing letters, lists, work in databases, information search on the Internet, translations from English into Spanish and vice versa. Support to students and teachers. Additionally, they will also accompany groups of students on tours of Alcalá, Madrid and on cultural visits to other cities. Support in own protocol events of academic programs.

Teach & Learn program. The students will provide support in the search for information in English and in synthesizing information, preparing and/or reviewing information documents, sending emails, filling out forms and writing letters, preparing folders with information, preparation of Excel lists, Power Points, folders, statistics, revising texts in English and in Spanish, translating texts, sorting and organizing documents, online promotion programs, social networks: search and promotion of programs, developing and revising student Blog content, management of the “Welcome to Universidad de Alcalá” program, English-Spanish conversation exchange between American students and students of the UAH, making calendars, leaflets, brochures, photo selection and classification, distribution and recording of assessments.

Research. Provide support to research groups and researchers of the Institute. The students will work on the collection of information for various research projects, helping in the process of evaluating research scholarships and will start working in multidisciplinary research. They will also participate in the process of preparing proposals for research projects.

Conferences. The students will assist in organizing scientific events of Instituto Franklin-UAH, i.e. conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, talks and other international scientific events in English and Spanish, participating throughout the whole process of any of the events of the Institute. Tasks: contact with speakers and attendees in English and Spanish, monitoring and updating the calendar of events on the web, signage design, support in the preparation of the scientific program and evaluation of proposals and contact with hotels. During the conference, additionally, as part of the their internship, they will also do work as guide of the city of Alcalá, they will learn to register attendees and to handle the hospitality desk and other tasks related to the conference.

Publications. The students will provide support to the process of publishing books and journals. To do this, they must learn the rules of publication of the Institute and apply them to the texts while ensuring the author’s correct use of the language. They will also work on the texts’s first reception and on their evaluation. Start of the layout process in programs such as Quark. Knowledge of this program will be valued.

Computing. The students must provide support in all work related to the computer equipment of the Instituto Franklin. Tasks: maintenance of computer hardware and software: PCs (mostly), Mac, printers and other accessories. Corrective (including diagnosis and repair of detected failures) and preventive (review of all elements), in the place of installation of the equipment. Basic computer support to users, visitors and staff. Incident management, solving hardware and software incidents at users’ workstations and peripherals, as well as the management of installations, movements, add-ons. Basic web maintenance: content management, module updates, backups, web layout, style sheets, etc. Inventory of equipment and consumables. Keeping stock control and placing orders. FileMaker and mysql databases. Creation, modification and maintenance of data bases. Design and Layout. Making posters, flyers, banners and other graphical elements. Layout of journals and publications.

Rosa María García Barroso (internships in programs)
Cristina Crespo Palomares (internships in research, publications, conferences)
Jose López Mansilla (internships in computer systems)

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