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Annual Research Plan

Research Projects

Research projects include studies and analyzes on a specific topic of interest, carried out by research teams or individual researchers. Projects have a Main Researcher (MR) who is responsible for the results and budget of the project, which may last from one to three years.

Results of the research are communicated through publications and activities related to the project, in addition to a final report document.


Projects subsidized by the Institute must address any aspect of American Studies or intercultural relations between North America and Spain, giving priority to projects with a multidisciplinary approach.


  1. Contributing to the scientific advancement and training of new researchers in their natural sphere of action;
  2. Providing a platform for scientific content and a forum for analysis and discussion of America, especially on the United States, with an academic and social outreach.


Every year in the Annual Research Plan, the Plan Innova USA, specifies the priorities of this call and its financing.


Research Assistant, Carlos Herrero Martínez:

List of research projects granted: 


Project Title

Financing (€)Area

Principal Investigator (PI)
2014-2016Encyclopedia of the Spanish Presence in the Today US territores (1512-1821)30,000HumanitiesJosé Antonio Gurpegui
2014-2016US Influence in the Development of the Radar in Spain15,000HumanitiesFrancisco Manuel Sáez de Adana Herrero
2013-2015Spaces, Gender and Identity of US Literature and Visual Arts: A Transatlantic Approach7,000HumanitiesCarmen Méndez
2013-2015Political Economics for Competitive Companies on Both Sides of the Atlantic: United States and Spain 1953-20137,000EconomicsLuis Julio Tascón
2013-2015Analysis of the Spanish-American Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Its Impact on Economic Relations Between the Two Countries7,000LawPatricia Lampreave Márquez
2013-2015Relations Between Spain and the Hispanic Communities in the US: Mutual Perceptions and Images7,000CultureJosé Andrés Fernández Leost
2013-2015Contemporary Spanish Emigration to the United States7,000HumanitiesRosalina Alcalde Campos
2013-2015The First Writers and Professional Artists: Women's Networks and Mythologies of Progress (Critical-documentation Background: Spain-United States)7,000Gender LiteratureBeatriz Ferrús Antón
2011-2014Economies of Scale in Social Policies: the US Experience Vs. the Spanish17,066.40EconomicsMaría Crespo
2011-2014Regulation and Science Applied to animal welfare in the USA and the European Union17,941.60InterdisciplinaryJorge Pérez Serrano
2011-2014Simulation Models of climate change and its influence on vegetation in the American Pacific Rim, I: bioclimatic modeling20.000EnviromentalismManuel Peinado
2011-2014Landscape and Green infrastructure. Experience of the United States and Spain16.628,80EnviromentalismJosé Vicente de Lucio
2011-2014Legitimizing Speeches of the conquest and colonization of North America and South of the continent14.440,80HistoryFrancisco Castilla
2011-2014E Pluribus (Non) Unum: alternative lineages in US modernity20,000HistoryLuisa Juárez and Carmen de la Guardia
2011-2014Women and power in times of crisis: a comparative analysis between Spain and USA14,222PhilosophyAlicia Kaufman
2011-2014US foreign policy in an international system of complex polarity: planning and analysis19,692International RelationsDavid García Cantalapiedra
2011-2014CLYMA10,000International RelationsDavid García Cantalapiedra
2010-2013Marine biodiversity in the Atlantic25,000BiologyJuan Mª Junoy
2010-2013Broadcasting and reception of US culture in Spain (1959 - 1975)25,000CultureJulio Cañero and Lorenzo Delgado
2010-2013The regulatory treatment of illegal immigration; a study of comparative law USA / Spain25,000LawPablo Santolaya
2010-2013The contributions of the international scientific context of Spanish mapping of North American territories in the eighteenth century25,000ArchitecturePilar Chías
2009-2012Causes, consequences and management of the global financial crisis: What have we learned?10,000EconomySaturnino Aguado, Gonzalo Rodríguez Prada
2009-2012CLYMA (Culture, Literature and Environment)20,000LiteratureCarmen Flys
2009-2012The Monetary, fiscal and financial system in Spain during the Greenback period: a comparative study Spain - United States20,000EconomyJosé Morilla
2009-2012Contemporary American thoughts and culture20,000PhilosophyJulio Seoane

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