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Annual Research Plan



DAR España Chapter

The Chapter in Spain of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the University Research Institute for North-American Studies “Benjamin Franklin” of the Universidad de Alcalá announce the Alice Gould Award in recognition of the promotion of American History and Education.


This award addresses to a student of any of the Masters in the Teach & Learn Program of the Instituto Franklin-UAH of the course 2016/2017.


The award of a cheque of 400€ that will be directly given to the award holder. The research project will be published in the “Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin”

Research Project

Research projects must be a MA thesis of the T&L program presented as final project of the Master. There will be special consideration of those projects that bring about one of the following topics:

  • Education: comparative studies in Educational Systems, and other aspects such as the introduction of American Culture, methodology, values…
  • History: women’s role in American Society. Immigration, …
  • Language


  1. The holder will be invited to one of the DAR meetings in Madrid where she will present her project.
  2. The holder must mention the received aid in the publications derived from the research project.

Submission papers

The application form must be duly completed and submitted together with:

  • Curriculum vitae (résumé)
  • MA Thesis

Deadline for submission: June 8, 2017.

A print copy of the proposals must be given at the Instituto Franklin-UAH front desk in order to be signed and stamped. Proposals with no signature will not be considered as candidates.

Eligibility criteria

A Commission appointed by DAR and the Instituto Franklin-UAH will study and evaluate the proposals.

The final decision will be announced in the graduation ceremony of the Teach & Learn Program in June 2017 and then it will be published on the Instituto Franklin-UAH website.


The project will be published in the book collection “Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin” of Instituto Franklin-UAH. Submitted manuscripts must meet standards of publication of the Institute.

Contact information

For any questions before submitting, please contact the Research Assistant: Laura Álvarez Trigo

For submitting print proposals, please contact Eva Piqueras:

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