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Tribuna Norteamericana Journal

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Tribuna Norteamericana Journal

The Tribuna Norteamericana journal is a science-based publication that collects articles related to the politics, economy, society and culture of the United States. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme with expert writers from the fields of diplomacy, business, the media, and academia. It is distributed in print to Spanish and American institutions both in and out of Spain, as well as the media and businesses.

Tribuna Norteamericana is the official publication of the Fundación Consejo España-Estados Unidos, an institution that collaborates with the Instituto Franklin-UAH through its Board of Trustees. Aditionally, the journal includes a section titled “La historia de…” which narrates the experience of a Spanish busines (on the trustee of the Fundación) in the United States.

Editorial Committee: Jose Antonio Gurpegi (Editor), Cristina Crespo (Associate Editor), Cristina Stolpovschih (Editor Assistant), David Navarro (design and layout).

ISSN: 1889-6871

Bilingual Education

Miguel López-Quesada, Albert Costa, Víctor Pavóm Vázquez, Carmen Aguilera Lucio-Villegas, Karen Cadiero-Kaplan


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Escenario internacional

Inocencio Arias, Alberto Priego, Gustavo Palomares Lerma and Rubén Ruiz Ramas


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Trump Administration

Joaquín Mollinedo, Javier Rupérez, Vicente Vallés, Dori Toribio, Pedro Rodríguez and Javier Morales


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Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Álvaro de la Haza, Julia Sánchez Abeal, Adrián García-Aranyos, Mercedes Temboury and Javier Iturralde de Bracamonte


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El español en los Estados Unidos

Ignacio Olmos, Francisco Moreno Fernández, Gregorio Laso, Daniel Ureña and Manuel Iglesias Cavicchioli


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Seguridad y bases militares en España

Arturo Gonzalo Aizpiri, Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz, Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos and Julia Pulido Gragera


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Diplomacia española

Inocencio Arias, Alicia Montalvo Santamaría, Fidel Sendagorta & José Manuel Ramírez Arrazola


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Campañas electorales

Juan Urquiola, Dori Toribio, John Hudak & Daniel Ureña


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Diálogo Atlántico

This special issue is a monographic of the Diálogo Atlántico blog


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Enrique Alonso, James Levy, Manuel Peinado & Greg Rich


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Emprendedores en EE.UU.

Joaquín Ayuso, Sinuhé Arroyo & Julio Prada


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Mujeres en la política

Kate Marie Byrnes, Lisa J. Pino, Alana Moceri & Dori Toribio


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