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The 7th Transatlantic Studies Conference

Global Challenges to the Transatlantic World

Alcalá de Henares, October 24-26, 2013


The Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS) and the Instituto Franklin - UAH will hold the 7th edition of this conference where specialists, professors and young researchers from a variety of disciplines in either the Humanities or Social Sciences are invited to discuss the nature and evolution of the new global challenges from a transatlantic perspective.


Papers on the following topics will be prioritized:

  1. Transatlantic culture, global culture: Public diplomacy, transnational cultural agreements, specialists’ networks, new technologies and Internet Impact. Is it possible to create a real transatlantic culture? What is the impact of social networks on the transatlantic community? What roles have the academic and exchange programs played? How has the development of the Information Society changed the world?
  2. Economy, crisis and growth strategies: EU-US free-trade agreement, new markets, the Pacific and Obama’s vision. Is it possible to create a free-trade area between Europe and the US? What happens with issues such as Internet piracy?
  3. International relations, security and defense: NATO, international terrorism, national security strategies, the role of international organizations, democratization, food security. Has the economic crisis affected the fight against international terrorism? Is cooperation between the US and the EU possible on the same political level? Europeanism vs. Atlanticism, Do Europeans come from Venus and Americans from Mars? Towards a global axis shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  4. Political communication and electoral campaigns: Electoral differences between Europe and the US, election campaigns before and after Obama, campaigns 2.0.: From the headquarters to the networks, the US’s style vs. the seriousness of European elections.
  5. Environment and climate change. International advances towards sustainable development, international summits, competition for energy resources. Is it possible to tackle environmental challenges jointly? What to do to ensure an efficient and cooperative use of raw materials and sources of energy? Is it possible to control the power of multinational companies?

Proposals can be sent from October 30th, 2012 – July 15th, 2013, both in English or Spanish.


Important deadlines:

July 15th, 2013: Deadline for paper submission

July 30th, 2013: Publication of the provisional program

September 15th, 2013: Deadline for reduced registration

September 24st, 2013: Deadline for registration with paper


For further information contact Isabel Albella:

Organized by: Instituto Franklin – UAH and the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship.    





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