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First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels


“Sites of Visual and Textual Innovation”
Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
November 9th-12th, 2011


Instituto Franklin – UAH organized the First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels.

Description: The main objective of the conference was to bring together the highest number of specialists and researchers on comics (graphic novels, manga, BD, etc) . The theme was “Sites of visual and textual innovation” and it welcomed papers on (but not limited to): the origins of comics, avant-garde and experimental narration and biography and autobiography.

The conference took place at Universidad de Alcalá in Spain.

Credits for students: Students from Universidad de Alcalá could get for attending the Conference 1 ECTS credit*. In order to obtain the credit it will be compulsory to attend the conference and hand in the attendance certificate. Stundents must fill in a questionaire in order to get the credit. The questionaire will be evaluated by their professor. 

Radio Broadcasting: Radio Exterior de España" (Spanish National Radio) broadcasted two programs about the Conference, including interviews with the keynote speakers and members of the round table session.

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